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Mark & Joy Kwong




Missionary reaching the unreached in Northern Asia.


I hope this email finds you well. In a way, this is the news that I've been hoping to send you for the last 2 years. Today, by the grace of the Almighty, I am finally able to say - Friends, we can see the end of the 'Covid Tunnel'.

On Your Mark... Our approach throughout this pandemic was to follow Moses' sentiment in Exodus 33:15, to ensure that wherever we go and whatever we do - the presence of the Lord goes with us. In fact nothing is more important to Joy and I than prayerfully staying in the center of God's will. Over the past 2 years while we've been unable to return to our work in Northern Asia, a few ideas for other ministry have come across our path. However, we did not have any peace about pursuing those paths. So we have stayed the course, firmly standing on our calling to Northern Asia and unreached people.

Get Set... Then in July 2022, Father started to speak to us about looking for ways to serve NA's people that are located in more accessible places. Our leaders have helped us find some possibilities that would allow us a temporary assignment, leaving the door open to return to Hainan in the future, when visas are less restricted, should that be His plan.

I'm writing today to ask for your prayers over our next steps. The first of these assignments, that G*d has given us peace to explore, is in the Philippines. Across all the islands, the population is about 110 million people total. More than 1 million are ethnically Chinese and 20% of Filipinos are of Chinese descent. The Cross Cultural Workers in the area have asked us to consider serving this Chinese population in the Philippines.

So, in October Joy and I will visit Manila for 2 weeks. We will seek His will and try to keep open hearts and minds during this exploration trip. Would you please  pray that it all goes well and according to the Father's plan? Our hearts and skills may be tested as we look into starting new work in new places, we may also face new levels of grief as we seek to move past what cannot be right now. Please pray that we can be open and remain sensitive to the Spirit's guidance in this process and possible new transition.

In every assignment, everywhere we move, and in every day; Joy and I remain focused on making our Creator famous and introducing Him to those that have never heard of His sacrifice. May you also do the same!

Please let us know how we can pray for you, Joy and I pray for you weekly and we would be honored to lift your specific needs up to the Father.

Until ALL Have Heard,

Mark & Joy Kwong {Joseph, Welsey, & Annabelle}

Mark & Joy Kwong
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