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Rolly Hurst




Missionary who is leading the charge to bring The Fire Bible in various languages throughout the Asia Pacific Region.


Hello Calvary Church family! Thank you for your continued prayer and support on behalf of all the missionary partners you send into service for Jesus. Because of your vision, faithful giving, and prayer support, together with the FireBible family, we continue to complete and launch new language edition FireBibles for the Asia Pacific Region. 

These new language edition FireBibles containing the full biblical text as well as introductory articles, study notes, concordance, and application tools are an invaluable resource to pastors, leaders, and believers that are communicating the message of salvation through Jesus, explaining the Word of God, and discipling new believers presently without tools in their own heart languages. 

Both the Hmong, mostly settled in Laos, Vietnam, and northern Thailand, and the S’Gaw Karen, scattered amongst the borders of southeastern Myanmar and northern Thailand, have tumultuous histories. Centuries of migration, fighting, persecution, encampment, and forced labor summarize both of these hill tribes. The Hmong and S’Gaw Karen have varying ethnic religions interlaced into their cultures and beliefs, with mixtures of Shamanism, Buddhism, and Animism offering little hope for this life or eternity.

Your giving of the FireBible has created a great opportunity to share the love of God in a tangible way with both of these tribal groups. By providing a FireBible in their own languages of Hmong and S’Gaw Karen, we continue to resource the Christians currently amongst these people groups and help them in their ability to clearly communicate and explain the Gospel to their own people. 

The FireBible is often referred to as a “Bible school in one book.” Your giving helps provide this resource which helps to train and equip disciples in the family of God for a life of Christian service throughout the world. The FireBible is now available in 66 languages with a goal of 100 editions to strategically resource the Global Church.

Currently we are working on new language edition FireBibles for the South Pacific Islands and Southern Asia as well.

Thank you for you service to Jesus and leading and equipping the church in redeeming the family of God. Thank you for inspiring and challenging our family and the church to live for Jesus.

Prayer Requests:

1) Please pray for favor as we build translation teams for new language edition FireBibles.

2) Please continue to pray for Chelsea’s healing.

Rolly Hurst
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