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Abraham & Sarah Liu




Reaching the Chinese in Japan/China with the Gospel of Christ.


In the past one year, though we could not travel into China for ministries,  many have come to the Lord and 13 people baptized in Tokyo. We are very grateful for the Sunday live stream services through YouTube which was started a year before the pandemic – quickly becoming vital for our people in Japan, China and Southeast Asia. It is a great joy to see our ministers taking turn to preach under anointing, and also to connect the Sunshine friends. On June 12, we also restarted the Ikebukuro branch church where is one of the center of the Chinese gathering area in Tokyo, trying to refocus the vision and mission for the future. Hopefully, our new ministers who know the Japanese well could help set up a Japanese church eventually. We are  planning the Tokyo Celebration on November 23 which was started in 1990 to connect the churches together to worship and pray for the revival in Japan! Japan is on the brink of the revival! It is our privilege to be with the Calvary family to participate in the coming greatest harvest before the Lord’s coming back! Thanks for your prayer!

Abraham & Sarah Liu
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