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Calvary Brazil




Calvary’s very own church plant and Christian School in Morrinhos and nearby cities in the Central West Region of Brazil. 

For the past 11 years, we've dedicated ourselves to sharing the Gospel in Brazil. Back in 2012, our team, comprised of just eight missionaries, landed in South America with nothing more than two suitcases filled with clothes. Fast forward to today, and we can proudly say that we've planted four churches, established a nationally accredited K-12 school, and initiated evangelistic efforts in Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. Evangelism remains a cornerstone of our church activities.

With the permission of the local school authorities, our youth group organized a faith-centered drama performance at a nearby high school, impacting a multitude of students with the Gospel. Education also plays a crucial role in our ministry. Since we opened Talmidim Christian School in 2021, we've touched the lives of many students living in low-income neighborhoods. Through your generous support, we've been able to construct new classrooms that facilitate both learning and exceptional academic opportunities.

We firmly believe in investing in the next generation. As part of this commitment, we've joined forces with the Aljaba Foundation in Colombia to care for orphans and children living in challenging conditions. The children's home we established has become a beacon of hope for those in the Amazon region.

Our missions have taken us on a journey through the Amazon River, into Peru, where we've preached the Gospel in Spanish. We've ventured deeper into the jungles, reaching out to indigenous tribes with the message of hope and salvation.

We humbly ask for your prayers, that our missionaries may remain in good health, and that God may continue to raise up more missionaries and leaders to ignite a spiritual revival in South America. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and sacrifices, which have made all these transformative endeavors possible in Brazil and South America.

Calvary Brazil
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