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Dallas Hind




Missionary Partnering with the church to reach, equip and mobilize young adults and professionals in marketplace missions.


We experience the LORD’s faithfulness through your giving and prayer! Mahalo Nui Loa, Calvary Hawai’i!

Proverbs 22:18 for it is pleasing when you keep them [sayings of the wise]

in your heart and have all of them ready on your lips.

The Lord is constantly opening our eyes to opportunities to join Him in his work. So, we see them on

the streets in big cities everywhere, namely, those like the homeless, asking for money who “need

help.” And even before finishing Radical by Platt, Suman and I pursued an idea we had done as

individuals but are bringing to the young people among whom we minister, some know the Lord,

some do not. One evening as part of our usual Bible study and prayer we assembled bags of hand

sanitizer, shampoo, packs of tissue, gum, sunscreen, lip balm, sometimes other items and a Gospel

tract with a $5 bill. We prayed then gave each student one to hand out when they saw someone in

need. Suman and I did the same and took some extras with us. The idea is to place oneself outside the

usual context into another with which we are not familiar to demonstrate the love of Christ. Giving

away these ‘blessing bags’ lead us to others different than ourselves. Though separate from this

experience, one student expressed regarding faith, “But what else can I do? I feel like I’m a

lukewarm Christian because I don’t do a lot of stuff for God most days…” She went on to say that

she needs help to discover what to do for Him. Our time in the lives of young people, saved and

unsaved, is used to point them toward Christ.

We deeply appreciate Calvary’s partnership further spurs us on advancing the training and sending of young people to a needy world.

Prayer requests: For Suman’s health; she’s home recovering after an ER and hospital stay.

Divine encounters like the one with a plumber recently who is seeking the Lord; staying contact now.

Dallas Hind
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