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Jermaine Ma




Missionary serving as a coach and trainer to new global missionaries.


Jermaine continues to serve with Pioneers (PI) while living in Seattle. Her team (Summit Clear) has also started a nonprofit and works in the intersection of leadership development and spiritual formation, including supporting current mission leaders and inspiring the next generation of mission leaders. One of the exciting things we have been involved in is gathering Asian American Mission Leaders within Pioneers as well as from a few sending organizations. We will be having our first Asian American Mission Leaders Gathering in Orlando at the end of September which includes both seasoned cross-cultural workers as well as new college graduates who are interested in overseas mission work. Jermaine also had the chance to return to Asia Minor this past summer for about a month. It was a fruitful and full time of reconnecting with those in the local church, dear friends as well as fellow co-laborers. She continues to seek the Lord in terms of what on-going (short-term) involvement in might look like so as to continue the relationships and use her language and cultural skills to continue serve the local church overseas.

Prayer Requests for My Ministry:

Pray that I would know how to both be faithful to Jesus in this season, and that I would be attentive to the ways in which the Lord's faithfulness evidences itself in this (and every) season of life and ministry.

Thank you so much for your continued support and for the many ways you have come alongside me in my journey! I really appreciate it!

with much love,


Jermaine Ma
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