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Joyce Kitano




Missionary who has the passion to reach young people in the many college campuses throughout Japan.


Prayer points

1.  Universities in Japan have been closed to outsiders during the pandemic and so we haven't been able to get in to meet new students and our campus 校園 Bible Studies have had to move on Zoom.  But as of this month we're finding a few of the campuses beginning to open up again.  So please pray that we can re-launch activities on campuses.  

Also, Japan's borders 封閉邊界 (Fung bai bean guy) have been closed to tourists due to covid, so for the past 2 years we have had zero teams and interns and this summer will be the 3rd year.  So please pray borders will open soon and we can get some teams/interns to help us. 

2.  We are needing to find property for a Student Center in Tokyo and renovate it to make it sound proof for music, etc.  So it is a huge budget because buying property in Tokyo is so expensive.  So please pray that God will lead us to the right place, and that it will be a miracle price, and we will be able to raise all the funds.  

3.  Less than 1 % of the population are Christian in Japan.  Pray for revival in this nation.  And also pray against the spirit of depression (Yik what ging) and suicide that have spiked during Covid. 

4.  For safety and anointing as I itinerate/fund-raise during these next few months in Hawaii and on the mainland. I'm anxious to get back to Japan as soon as possible.   

Joyce Kitano
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