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KL & Su Wong

Living Waters



A Home of Love and Shelter for outpatients and caregivers in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


2022 has certainly been a year of surprises, as we rode out the last outbreak of the pandemic. This year has been a busy year with many activities and emergencies. All of us staffs, except for Seth, have caught Covid at different times between March and July this year, thus allowing Living Waters to operate continuously. We are thankful that for the past 2 years, except for one patient and us, Living Waters has been untouched by Covid despite accommodating more than 50 people each month. 

Throughout the outpatients & caregiver's stay at Living Waters, they would experience God's love and mercy, as well as listen to the gospel or read the bible in their own language. Our workers have stepped up to lead in preaching, reaching out, and administration of the shelter. 

While inflation has affected all of us, the ministry has expanded to reach out to the needy, through food packs, diapers & commode chairs. In July, we prayed over a pack of rice, oil & eggs, symbolically, asking God to extend our resources. A few weeks later, we received various gifts of vegetables and consumables, after a TV news feature on Living Waters. The people staying at the shelter were amazed by the unexpected provision that includes 100 kg of ginger! God is amazing! And it came in time for the 13th anniversary celebration of Living Waters ministry. 

We've been focused on supporting spiritual and physical needs, and going forward, we're exploring on meeting mental health needs. The recent massacre in North East Thailand comes to mind. Do pray for us in Thailand as we gear up for next year. The ministry exists because of friends & partners like Calvary Assembly of God, walking along with us. So, Thank You to the leadership & members of Calvary Assembly of God for your continued support. May your mission endeavors continue to shine forth for Jesus. 

With blessings,

KL, Su & Seth

KL & Su Wong
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