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Patrick Lau




Missionary who trains and equips leaders at a Southeast Asia Bible School.


THANKS SO MUCH,, Calvary Hawaii, for the faithful support in the various missions of God's kingdom!


For the comng year we contnue wth the Bble College ministry of training and equipping Christians for pastoral ministries and church leadership roles in this tiny city that may extend into the mainland. Time has come for quite a few churches here that they need to raise up their own members for Christian services, and we intend to be an important agent of Christian education in God's plan for these churches.


Prayer requests:

1. A new English program begins this October that it may impact the students in their Christian spiritual formation.

2. involvements with the local churches and the schools of our daughters be effective and fruitful.


Peace and grace

Patrick and Bee Bee

with Florence(15), Agnes(13) and Hazel(11)

Patrick Lau
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