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Patrick Lau




Missionary who trains and equips leaders at a Southeast Asia Bible School.


THANKS so much, Calvary Hawaii, for continuously supporting us in southeast Asia. It means a big difference to us and my family of five as we enter the 7th year of our mission journey in this part of the world. Patrick continues to be busy with the teaching and adminstration loads at the Bible College as well as, by God's grace, ministering to various churches and organizations through preaching and teaching. Bee Bee is leading a youth fellowship of the church in addition to involvements with Scripture Union and Children Evangelism Fellowship, organizing regular activities and occasional camps and seminars. Our three daughters are doing fine in school and really enjoying their new school year in September.


We thank God for providing for and protecting us in our summer visit to Vancouver, Canada, first time back in three years, under all kinds of Covid restrictions. We were so glad to see my mother and the girls' grandmom who is 90 years of age. And of course we also got to meet many brothers and sisters and friends in our Canadian churches. 


Please pray for:

1. Bee Bee's Canadian Resident Card renewal process that she may receive it by mail so that she does not need to fly back to Canada to pick up.

2. Patrick's involvement with the ministry of a local church would be clarified soon.

3. The applocation of the local resident cards for Bee Bee and our three girls in February 2023 be smooth and successful.

4. Many uncertain political and social factors facing the city we live and minister that God may open and close doors for us so that we know which way to go forward.

Patrick Lau
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