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Paul & Deborah Hilton




Missionaries who are providing mercy ministries to the most marginalized families in some of the poorest and most remote communities in Vietnam.


God said to us. ‘ Don’t waste what you have been given. Pour out all I have invested into you, to others. We praise God for His blessing on our expanded role, serving other missionaries and those who believe they have a call to cross cultural ministry . We continue to minister out of all that God has invested in us over 25 years on the field as we serve, pastor, and mentor them. Now we are coming out of COVID, we are able to travel into those other nations to minister face-to-face rather than on Zoom. It is exciting to see new missionaries rise up and answer the call. Our life-skills programs, Courageous and Flourish are continuing to transform lives as men and women journey towards wholeness, body, soul and spirit. Our life-skills courses are in over 40 nations now. Thank you for continuing to partner with us in our ministry to Vietnam and other parts of the world through multiplying our reach for the Kingdom's sake.

Thank you Calvary.


Paul and Deb

Paul & Deborah Hilton
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