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Paul Robinson




Missionary whose focus is to the National Police of Columbia (Heroes of Justice) and their families

2022 OCTOBER Update:

Our ministry name is Heroes of Justice which represents the law enforcement community in Colombia that we love and serve. This is being accomplished through the provision of police-related training, personal encounters, counseling, evangelism events, lots of prayer, and much more.  

After living 12 years in Bogotá, in 2019, the Holy Spirit led us to another city called Bucaramanga.  Since this move, our ministry has expanded, and we are now also providing chaplaincy training for pastors and are working with a “new church plant" in a highly populated but poor area of the city.  It is amazing because this small church is constantly sharing and reaching the children for Christ, and because of this, they are attending the church and bringing their parents. Hallelujah!  

Lastly, we have purchased land that will combine our Heroes of Justice Ministry Center for the National police and their families with the Bible Seminary of Bucaramanga. It will be the first of its kind, and we are hoping to raise the necessary finances to build and begin discipling officers, their families, and training men and women called into ministry.  This combined ministry center will also work to build a more trusting and loving relationship between the pastors of this city with the police officers who serve them.  We are very excited about this new opportunity.

Prayer Requests:

1)  Divine favor, provision, and safety while traveling during our year of itineration.

2)  Finances needed to construct the Heroes of Justice Ministry Center/Bucaramanga Bible Seminary.

Paul Robinson
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