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R & M


We are excited that God is opening up a way back into our country of service!  Just this week we submitted documents to the country of service's Consulate in San Francisco.  It has been a long process of getting permission to go back to teach English.  In December 2019, we returned to the US to seek a new organization to teach with.

In 2020 we were accepted into GEG, an organization recognized by our country of service. Due to COVID -19, restrictions prevented us getting back in.  During that time, God had work for us to do here in the US.  We were able to spend time and help care for M's mom before she passed away in 2022 in Pittsburgh.  We were also active in helping family in California. R's sister became very ill and for almost a year we took care of her till she passed in June of 2023. Within the week she passed away, we got an email saying a university in our country of service had agreed to have us teach English at their university.  Since early this summer we have been gathering, notarizing, authenticating and legalizing documents in order for the university to request a work permit/visa.  Now, we are waiting for the legalized documents to be sent to our country of service, for the university to request work permits/visas and then with the proper permission we'll be headed back to our country of service.  During these past years we have seen God's hand in ordering our lives and bringing His sovereign will to pass.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray we get our work permits and visas, and His timing for our trip.

2. Pray that we'll have good health and strength, stamina and perseverance.

R & M 
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