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Raegan Glugosh




Missionary who is serving in compassion ministries and has started a Hagar Home maternal center — a residential care and discipleship ministry for Romanian mothers in distress. 


March was a memorable month for me because it marked the completion of 30 radiation sessions, the recommended number for breast cancer. Overall, I had very little side effects from the radiation. Thank you for your constant prayers on my behalf, for which I am so grateful!

Before I left the radiation clinic, I got to ring a bell again. I celebrated afterwards with my friend and Regional Director for Europe, Angie Trementozzi! I wish you all could have been there to ring the bell with me!

Here are a few additional updates:

  • First off, my hair is growing! It’s getting curlier each day, but I’m not complaining!

  • Secondly, I will be heading to Europe soon for most of May and part of June! I will fly into Romania and stay there a few weeks. Then I head on to Croatia, where we will have our Europe Together conference for all of our AGWM Europe global workers—this happens only once every 3 years. I’m really excited with the thought of traveling again and reuniting with my Romanian family and dear friends.

  • Lastly, my date for reconstructive surgery will be on June 16th. I’ll get back to you with updated prayer requests as I find out more!

Once again, thank you for your joining me on this healing journey. Your love, prayers and support have meant so much to me! It’s hard to believe that this is soon coming to an end!

These past months, the reflections of Anne Graham Lotz, on her own battle with breast cancer, have resonated deeply within me. She shares, “my cancer experience was not a whirlpool…it was a journey with a purpose. God would use it to lead me to my heritage — where He wanted me to be.” Amen!

In spite of the physical challenges, I’m definitely a richer person than I was a year ago, in more ways than one. God’s story in my life continues to be written and I’m looking forward to see how it continues to unfold! Thank you for being an important part of it!!

2021 Video Greeting

Raegan Glugosh
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