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Robert Suarez




Missionary in Residence at Southeastern University and representative of AGWM on campus where he is recruiting and training future missionaries for the field.


1) I continue to lecture and facilitate theology courses at Southeastern University and represent Assemblies of God World Missions on campus. In the Fall, I will be providing support for Continental Theological Seminary - the Assemblies of God European seminary that trains future ministers and leaders on the European continent. I also continue to progress on a PhD dissertation that focuses upon the secularization effects upon West Europe and the U.S.

2) Attached Photo of (Robert, Raquel, Sanoske 5, and Sojiro Suarez 3).

3) Pray for our college students and seminarians as they navigate the post-Christian challenges facing our nation and those who have been doing so for many years in Europe.

Pray for our children Sanoske and Sojiro as they attend school and are continuing to adjust, synthesizing the multi-cultural environments they have been in.

Pray for my continued progress on the PhD so that I may graduate soon.

Mahalo for all your love, prayer, and support!

In Christ,

Robert Suarez

Robert Suarez
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