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T & S


Missionary sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ in Africa.


Aloha dear Calvary family!  Today God is faithful and you are part of God’s faithfulness in our lives. A few weeks ago one of the local Christians died.  She was the only follower of Jesus in her family.  She had been persecuted for her faith for many years but she had been faithful.  She loved her husband who was not a Christian and her witness made a powerful impact on him.  You will see her in heaven one day and together you will sing songs of joyful worship to our King Jesus.  May God renew your heart for His mission all over this world.

Prayer Request:

  1. Pray for God to provide a local believer willing to share their faith. 

2. Pray for spiritual breakthrough. 

3. Pray for us as we take on new leadership responsibilities.

T & S
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