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Tim & Jenny Land




Missionaries sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ in Central Africa.


Celebrating God's Faithfulness Over This Year

We arrived in Pretoria mid-October last year. We cannot believe how quickly our first year has passed! Life has been so busy this year trying to settle in our home, make connections with local pastors and the IAG leadership. As I (Jenny) looked forward to a Women’s Event this past weekend, it amazed me to think of all the new friends I would actually know at this event. It is so great to take stock of your year’s work and see that God has indeed been moving and cultivating a path forward for ministry. We are humbled by His ways.

Currently we have been asked to help a church plant develop their children's ministry. This church began in July and currently is running around 50+ people. The exciting part is 40 of the 53 in attendance this past week were children or teens! They have a huge task, and we are grateful for each of you that have partnered with us in prayer and financial support so that we can come alongside churches like this to grow God’s Kingdom.

Please be in prayer for Pastor Jabu & Belinda as they lead Upper Room Church.

Pray for workers to come alongside of them, and finances to propel their church forward.

Please pray for us to have wisdom in helping them set up their ministry to the children & teens.

Tim & Jenny Land
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