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Tim Ma




I am excited and honored to be training up the next generation of campus ministers, church planters, and missionaries here Honolulu, Hawaii. For the last several years, our School of Ministry, Every Nation Leadership Institute Hawaii, has been a vehicle to send graduates of our program to our local college campuses in Hawaii, California, and Virginia. We’ve even sent them abroad to places like Mongolia and New Zealand. Two years ago, one of our recent graduates planted a new church in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is reaching the students of the University Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV).

Here in Hawaii, we are continuing to see many college and young adults impacted through our small groups that ministers to hundreds of young people on a weekly basis. In 2015, our groups grew from 48 to 95 and these groups were able to baptize 78 students/young adults. Serving as the assistant director of the school of ministry, I believe that we will continue to have an impact on the next generation by empowering a new wave of ministers who will take the Gospel to our college campuses and beyond!


Greetings Calvary Hawaii family!


Thank you for your huge heart for missions.  Your generous support has allowed our ministry to continue to reach the next generation and the college campus for Christ.  Despite the pandemic and the related restrictions, we continued the mission of God to reach the world with His love.  One of our teams of young people coordinated with a local Thailand church for a “digital missions” trip.  The trip culminated in two different outreach digital gatherings and through it over 50 people attended.  This was a great moment as the Thai church was able to connect with many new people in their community and they are continuing to see the fruit from this outreach.  Thank you for continuing to sow into the next generation that directly sows into having worldwide Gospel impact!


Making disciples of all nations!

Tim Ma


Tim Ma
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