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Wesly & Katie Sanchez 




Missionaries proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to remote villages in the Quiche region.


We are so honored to still be serving in Guatemala and full of joy as we see all the Lord is doing! We have had the opportunity to partner with other ministries to bring Bible and leadership training studies to our remote area. Many pastors, workers and even church members have now graduated from the courses we have been able to offer. Many thanks to ROAR international and ASESLI for working with us! Aside from the classes, we now have kid’s ministry up and running in 17 churches reaching over 500 children each Sunday! We hope to continue to expand our reach of the younger generations. Finally, we are so excited to share that some of our Bible students will soon be going on their first international mission trip to Honduras. We pray it will be a faith-growing experience for all of them! We hope it is a blessing to read this report and know all of this would not be possible without your faithful giving. Thank you so much Calvary for your continued support!

Prayer requests

1. Pray that God will stir up a desire among the youth to be equipped and get trained up in the Word. 

2. For the year 2023, we want to see more growth and expansion in children’s ministry and to see a passion for teaching and pouring into the little children.

Wesly & Katie Sanchez 
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