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Wesly & Katie Sanchez 




Missionaries proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to remote villages in the Quiche region.


Aloha Calvary! First, thank you for your faithful prayers and support! 

We are so grateful for this opportunity to share and we hope this brief update encourages you. Our work is expanding beyond ourselves and even our mission. We have pastors from other missions and churches receiving and signing up for Bible classes with us (made available to us through partnering ministries in Guatemala and the USA). Most of our pastors, as well as leaders and workers have graduated and we are seeing the fruit of their studies in leadership and Bible as they continue pastoring/laboring together. Even more exciting is some of the youth students who have graduated from the Bible classes went on their first international mission trip to Honduras. They were challenged and stretched, used by God and changed in powerful ways. We hope to send more youth on both national and foreign mission trips in the future! 

We are so happy to share we have a children's ministry program now running for almost two years in 18 out of 26 villages. Teachers meet every other month for training, encouragement, and to recieve materials. Over 500 children or more are being reached with the Gospel by local teachers, where before they were nearly forgotten. We hope to see more leaders be called forth by the Lord with passion to see the next generations know and follow Him!

Our prayer requests are first, for our growing family. As we write this, our fifth child is yet to be born in October and we would appreciate continued prayers for health, recovery, and adjustment to being a family of 7. Please pray for more teachers for Sunday school, particularly in the remaining 8 villages where we have church plants. And finally for more youth to be raised up with a hunger to know God and a passion to serve Him and reach the lost. Thank you! 

Wesly & Katie Sanchez

Wesly & Katie Sanchez 
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